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My favorite subjects are portraits of people and animals as well as plants. Fall leaves are one of my favorite plant subjects. I paint one every year; usually found on a walk with my family. I like to get close up on them. There is so much delicious detail at the macro range!

“Exquisite dailiness” is a phrase from a poem by a local artist. If I had to pick a theme for what I am drawn to capture in my art, that would be it: the exquisite details of daily life. Whether it’s my life or the life of a frog from my garden.

I’ve been using Pastels 6+ years and I love them. These are not the sidewalk chalks you used as a kid. These are pure pigment with just enough binder (like gum arabic) to form them into something you can hold. The colors are so intense and luminous! And messy. I like that part too.

You may see me depict the same subject several times in different media, usually three or four times starting in graphite or charcoal. It is part of my process to learn about that subject; at each step I discover something new. So by the time I do the final art in pastels, it is rich with details to share.

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