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Making art takes courage. Every day, with every piece, I am faced with my fears. Will people like my art? What about my “vision”? Can I recreate it in pigment the way I see it in my mind? Or, and maybe this is worse, will what I make go unnoticed? These fears have not gone away over the years. They still come up every single time, but my reaction to them has changed.

Making art gives courage. With it, I can embrace these fears: criticism, lack, and loneliness. My art and I, we are not an answer; we are neither right nor wrong. Criticism becomes a question open to interpretation. I am as much of a work in progress as my art; we are enough in this moment. Lack is addressed with each new piece of art. Loneliness? Wrapped in more art and shared, it becomes a connection to the people and places around me.

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