Profile for Hoossam Aly

Hossam Aly
A young Egyptian digital artist from Alexandria, 23 years old, studying at the Faculty of Law, specializing in manipulation, visualization, digital art, passionate about art and artists since his childhood, he learned drawing at a young age and then loved digital art and began his career in it in 2016 .
He now has more than 150 works of art that express characters, elements and forces of nature such as water, fire, and earth, and imaginary beings such as the mermaid and living trees, and embodiments such as life, time and death, most of these works come in the form of portraits.

Hossam dreams that his artworks will be displayed in international and local exhibitions, that he has his own gallery and continues to produce art until death.

He also wishes prosperity to all artists and the artistic field, and for peace to prevail on earth forever, where everyone can be whatever he wants and achieve what he dreams about.

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