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Profile for Rachael Marjamaa

Rachael Marjamaa is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philipsburg Montana. She specializes in oil painting, broom making, and knitting. Growing up in Montana, traditional crafts have always had a strong influence in her work. Rachael is passionate about creating utilitarian artwork using materials in their rawest form. It is a fun challenge that connects her closer to the land and the people that take care of it. From processing raw wool for hand-knit sweaters, to using deadfall branches for handcrafted brooms. Every resource is cherished and respected. Her oil paintings are inspired by patterns found in knitwear and nature. As a self taught knitter, Rachael has studied fiber art since 2015 and became fascinated with the structures achieved with just a few combinations of stitches. Knitting and nature combine to create paintings of flora and fauna that convey comfort and sentiment.

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