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Turnip28 is a regular glimpse into the horrible world dreamt up by artist Max FitzGerald.

Churned mud swampland stretches out into the gloom. Thick fog hangs heavy in the air. Rolling barrows loom out of the murk. A strange root writhes underfoot.

A thousand years after the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz, the world has fallen into decay. Endless war has led to technology stagnating, and beautiful countrysides have been ground to a thick ruin under the boots of a million dead men.

Now, nothing grows. A bizarre and horrible root covers the land; strangling the life from the trees, poisoning the water, and filling the sky with an acrid mist.

Humanity barely endures by harvesting this disgusting tuber. It twists their bodies and minds, and infests their thoughts with divine visions of lost vegetables.

Bizarre religious orders have formed, and they stockpile abandoned weapons unearthed by the twisting roots. Marching in column under fluttering banners, and brandishing mud-clogged muskets and rusted bayonets, they are cruel parodies of long-forgotten armies on the march.

Gather your troops. Fix bayonets. Devote yourself to the roots.

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