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I live on the west coast of Canada, a place full of wild adventure and bold colors. I’m the daughter of a lighthouse keeper, so I was born on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean where groceries were delivered by helicopter and trips to town meant riding with the Coast Guard.

I’m still an island girl, just on a bigger island now. Basically a plaid wearing, often distracted, paddle-boarding, crooked haired, not-so-trendy go-getter who loves to travel.

I feel most inspired when I’m mixing mediums and experimenting with combinations. My life on the west coast keeps me close to the environment, a step away from the ocean and mountains. I use my artwork to express my connection to the natural world, and also comment on the environmental situation that we now find ourselves in. I want to help create a better world for all the creatures on this planet, and help other artists to do the same.

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