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I'm Sathishkumar. You can find me on social media as 'Hari D Krish'. I'm an Engineer/ Illustrator from India. Not a full-time Illustrator but I also couldn’t stop myself from drawing once in a while. I've been into digital art since 2014. Back then, I used to make fan-made posters of MCU and DC movies. After receiving huge response for my Illustrations on Reddit in the middle of 2020, I completely moved to digital illustration with the goal of creating Illustrations for all different kinds of Fandom. I've been following Bosslogic and Justin Maller for almost 4 or 5 years. I look up to them and I learn from them!
My Illustrations are filled with geometric shapes and attractive colours. As of now, I have made dozens of artworks for Star wars, Marvel, DC, Transformers, Power Rangers, The 100, Dragonball, Ben10.

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