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Profile for Gustavo Ortega Rojas

Profile: Gustavo A. Ortega Rojas is a Graphic Designer that has always had an interest in Illustration and has a high appreciation of modern art and design.
The focus of his artwork have always been the composition and color primarily. He uses a vinyl technique while also working with acrylic and sometimes just basic pen and ink. He considers the design and illustration of art are not found through technique but instead found through emotion, Idea and concept. He believes that to create perfect illustration then it is absolutely necessary to adapt to and sympathize with the text itself and not to just simply draw randomly what is detailed in the text. Over time he has discovered that by drawing, composing and experimenting with dynamic colors he can create scores of fantastic characters that relate to the text as symbols that help to represent and illuminate dramatic moments in the composition. Under these pretences he is discovering how the illustration has its own language which permits the images to project their moods and truly exhibit the human condition through art.

Clients: Casa editorial El Tiempo, JWT, Educar editores, Revista Bacanika, Revista Dinero, Agenda cultura Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Peláez editores y Simétrica Studio.

Telephone No#: + 57-1 2250762 – Mob#(Cellular) +57 310 3295932 Bogotá Colombia
[email protected]

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By Gustavo Ortega Rojas
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By Gustavo Ortega Rojas
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