Profile for Evgeniya Vladykina

Hello! I’m Evgeniya — graphic designer, illustrator and, since recently, artist. I am also the owner of a small shop, dedicated to my art — Foxy & Paper.

My work is a lovely mix of fairytale and surrealism, that looks beyond the traditional visual art. I write a sort of short novel for each of my works, which makes them something more, than just whimsical pictures. This is neither book illustration nor just narrative painting, because both painting and the story are figments of my own imagination — this is more like painted narratives.

I studied at art school for 7 years, but I haven't painted for about 10 long years. Until March 2017. I desperately wanted to take brushes in my hands again, and when I finally painted my first picture, the feeling was so great, that I just couldn’t stop!