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I'm a self-taught watercolour artist, living in York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. My interest in art began since I was in high school. I was inspired by Disney's and Japanese animation. I enjoyed sketching, which then led me to studying Architecture at university. I used watercolour and colour pencils when making architectural drawings and interior designs.

In 2004, I started painting again using acrylics paints and also try different media like oil paints, watercolour and pencils. I was still in search of media which suit me best. I fell in love with the lightness and the transparency of watercolour, which made me to stick with this media ever since. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, countryside and towns. I love painting buildings and townscape as well as landscape.

Painting is my passion and it brings so much joy into my life, and I hope it will bring delight to yours as well.

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