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> Who is Erik Lauri Kulo
I was born and raised in the old industrial city of Sundsvall, Sweden. Ever since my early years I have had a strong interest in both writing and photography. I find photography to be my main medium for my artistic voice. But lately I've been focusing a lot on writing and so far have completed two novels written in Swedish [Ett Otäckt Minne and Kolsvart Snö (working title)].
My academic background is a bachelor's degree in journalism (with photography as a main subject). I have also studied Political Science at a university level.

> My work
I see my photography as conceptual and poetic. The goal is not to uncover some objective truth, rather to show you my story, the world through my eyes. I've been mostly photographing in Sweden, but wherever I travel, I bring the camera. So far I have been in Berlin (Germany), Oslo (Norway) Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

> Print quality
All my work available for sale are prepared carefully for printing to ensure the highest quality possible.

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