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Hi, I'm Shruti! I'm self-taught, work in traditional mediums and love story-telling throught visual art. My work is an exploration of the natural & man-made aspects of reality with a focus on the mystical through visual art. Magic in, between and beyond the mundane is what propells me to create. In this print gallery you'll find all my illustrations in ink.

I paint in oils as well (originals only, no prints), extending and adding to the concepts that I illustrate in ink but very different from all of that is my exploration of abstracts in which I attempt to convey emotions that are on the tranquil side of the spectrum, often inspired by books I've read, philosophical concepts I've come across that are highly appealing to me, wind, light, texture and vast landscapes.

If you're curious about my work in all these different mediums and styles, pop in and say hi on Instagram -
Abstract work - @windinthewindows

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