Profile for Dylan Safford

Dylan Safford is a professional illustrator with years of experience working on a variety of diverse projects, most notably within the genres of Fantasy and Historical Illustration.

His love of fantasy art began in his youth when he was introduced to it through films, tv and games. Wanting to become a working artist since elementary school, he eventually found his way to the internet and was propelled into the sff art sphere by visions of astoundingly creative and high-quality illustrations. Since then he has and still works tirelessly to improve his craft and bring his own imagination to life, as well as hope to inspire others.

Over time, in countless efforts to improve his fantasy work, Dylan found himself looking more and more at historical people, events, and material culture to port over to his illustrations as to enhance their impact on the viewer. In doing this, he began to have a much clearer understanding of his interest in fantasy art; what drew him to the genre was its relation to the real world, how the characters and objects ring with a potential "true-ness" to them. Wanting to seek this feeling further, Dylan began illustrating historical scenes and figures, which is a task requiring much reading on and diligent scrutiny of the subjects. Finding the history to be compelling, he began doing more and more history art and now considers it to be his main interest.

Dylan Safford currently lives in Gardner, Massachusetts, working and having studied at Mount Wachusett Community College. He studied art under Prof. John Pacheco, Prof. Thomas Matsuda, and Prof. Joyce Miller.

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