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Hello there, I am Dominic and I am from and live in the in County Durham, North East England. I have a great interest in Photography in addition to computers, the Arts, wildlife and Meteorology.

I have a keen interested in Digital Photography and using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and other graphics software. I like to explore the image and see what I can do with it, some images I do very little to them while others I will enhance / manipulate until I am happy with the results.

I have an interest in weather and weather forecasting, I love storms, lightning, snow and clouds. Weather can aid in creating wonderful dramatic images. I also love wildlife, birds and being out in the countryside or at the coast with my camera at hand.

I have a background in Art & Design, I have studied Fine Art at the University of Sunderland; it was here I began to take an interest in Photoshop and Digital Art.

I am a Skills for Life Tutor, teaching ICT and Digital Photography to adults in the local community.

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