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David Martiashvili was born in 1978 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from the "School of the Arts" (Geo Art) for gifted children and the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. He has participated in several exhibitions at the territory of Georgia. His works are purchased by private collectors in USA, England, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and France.
Considered himself to be the third generation of artists. Privately he admitted that incorporates the best of the previous two, but chose to go his own way.
The artist works in the style of primitivism with bright colored Georgian. The aesthetics of this school, they creatively deliberate and rethought, become motivated to find new means of expression. The synthesis of primitive forms with complex painting technique revealed different quality of impact. The aesthetic credo of the artist - painting, which would have the effect of jewels - failed fully. The rich palette of special writing technique, (passed over from my father and rich talent of his son) - this is the road to the result. To the fullest extent we can see this in his latest works, where there is no shadow of uncertainty or painful search. "My paintings should call a person who has bought them a sense of celebration - the artist admits with a smile -. They just have to cheer up, for the optimistic spirit and this -. He says, his face becomes serious - particularly important in the world of disharmony and violence. Placed in the interior of the children's room, my paintings should perform the main thing, for which, in fact, they are intended. And if thanks to them children will become happier, and adults will be kinder, I will consider my task fulfilled. However, it is not for me to judge, of course.”

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