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After achieving a B.A Visual Arts Degree in 1999 from Robert Gordon University of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland (Validated by RCA London) & being represented by Philip Veneer Megivessey Fine Art, Cornwall. I have been campaigning to restart my art profession, after taking a prolonged leave from my art profession.
Returning in 2018, with greater maturity, stability and experience, i am driven to finally begin working towards continuing my profession as an artist, and private teaching.
My inspirations are the human figurative form, and figurative landscape painting. These sometimes involve portraits. This inspiration for art began from my earliest memory as a child, drawing at nursery school, and visiting European art galleries in later years. A profession in art was always frustrated throughout my early academic years, until I was privately persuaded later in my 20’s to return to Art academia. But the most inspiring part of my art profession, are my wife and children.
I look to capture personal thought, mood and or drama of a scene or figure. Observing human nature and its interaction in the environment, the drama of light and darkness in both personalities and how they speak to each other visually, I use various methods of traditional oil painting to arrive at an iconic image. My landscape work is often aimed and inspired by self-reflection.

Going from painting a few hours a week to several hours every day, pushing his work to meet and exceed his previous levels. Colin also streams his studio work online through TwitchCreative (Blog) though the week.

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