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I’m Cecile (pronounced like Cecilia, but without the -ia), affectionately known as Cissy (CC), and I am the one-woman show behind Cissy’s Art Café.

When I was three, I picked up a paintbrush and never looked back. What started as childish paintings of happy sunflowers at the family table evolved into still-life drawings which have now evolved into happy explosions of color.

Today, I’m a young person trying to figure out my place in the world while living in the busy space of New York City and paying the bills with my budding career in user experience and graphic design.

Cissy’s Art Café is meant to be a cozy little space, a dream just ready to come true, the place where I can share my art and thoughts and various creative pursuits. I hope to keep this place real, raw, and honest, while still being joyful and colorful and beautiful, and I hope you’ll join me.

Member since October 2020

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