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Painter from Ukraine.
I paint your dreams!
The idea of ​​my work is reflected in the slogan "I paint your dreams". Those real and sincere dreams that owned your bright heads and hearts at a time when you have not been sufficiently "experienced" for skepticism. And the boundless belief in magic and miracle was stronger than any fears. What has changed since then? Have you grown up? Answer me when a person becomes old enough to stop dreaming? When do we stop believing and begin to fear? After all, some of us are afraid so much that they are not even able to admit to themselves this. And, believe me, I know that being with an open mind is dangerous... if each of us heed the voice of the child that he used to be, and that still lives inside of each of us and will remember himself sincere, and not yet "wounded", believe in magic and begin to create it, then surely this world will become kinder and happier. And remember everything is possible, in what you believe, and only you can…

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