Profile for Christopher Cuttriss

"The product of one of the few small towns left in California, Christopher enjoyed a childhood ironically filled with travel. At just two months old his mother, an unapologetic jet setter, introduced him to Europe for the first time. His father, a designer and professor born in England, opened his eyes to the intricacies of the apparent mundane. The reserved world of the English Cotswold's clashed with the spirit of the vagabond and pushed Christopher to develop a style that is intensely expressive, emotional, yet accessible."

Now, dispensing with formality:
I grew up in a ridiculously small town which had no reason to exist save the railroad that it was built around. My work can be found in the LA Times, Strings Magazine, iStockPhoto, THE Magazine, and in The Section Quartet's album "Fuzzbox" (released by UMG).

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