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Buhaj Designs derives from my real name, Alexander Buhaj. I'm a 23 years old graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden with 6 years of professional experience designing merchandise, album artwork, and logos for the music & entertainment industries.

Growing up as a music enthusiast, I would blast nu-metal in my headphones every day on my way to school. And as I got older, I began to explore my own voice creatively. I joined different local bands and immersed myself in a world of creativity – the music, the album covers, the merch tables at the back of each venue, and of course, the merchandise itself.

Already at 15 years old, I understood just how crucial professional visuals and high-end graphics were to ensure the success of these artists. And from there, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I taught myself how to use Adobe® Photoshop, and I began designing at home. I’d spend most of my time creating mock designs for my favorite bands. And eventually, it turned into a full-time job, where I was being contacted by major record labels and developed long-term relationships with international clients.

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