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I am a visual artist utilizing experimental media to examine my relationships with people, places and materials. I was born in the Soviet Union, grew up in France and Canada, and I am currently a temporary Norwegian resident. In 2019, I received my PhD in visual anthropology (University of British Columbia, Canada, 2019) having developed a mobile, interactive installation, Still Life with a Suitcase (2017-2019), where audience members were invited to decide the narrative flow of the installation by manipulating smart objects. My feature films include Turning Back the Waves (2010), based on dissident women in Soviet Russia, and The Theory of Happiness (2014), in which I became a participant in a radical Ukrainian sect trying to discover happiness through mathematics. This film was nominated for Best Canadian Documentary at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in 2014. As a visual artist, I work in relief printmaking, bookmaking, and watercolours.

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