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Anna Tsvell is a full-time contemporary abstract figurative artist.

Self - taught, she started her art career in 2014 and developed her own distinctive artistic style which makes her paintings extremely recognizable and attractive for the art collectors all over the world.
Long curved necks ,chaotically combined parts of the face and body are the main distinctive features of Anna’s remarkable style. Anna invented her own manner of painting hands which also became one of the hallmarks of her style and integral part of her paintings.
Since the beginning of 2019 Anna's artworks start to look more abstract : women's shapes are woven into the visible and invisible lines . Anna highlights the main theme of her work - the body .
By the middle of 2019 her paintings become more and more expressive but still have that surrealistic flavor . Figurativeness by Anna Tsvell is hidden and deconstructed .
Since the end of 2019 year Anna is focusing on exploring the subject of scars .
Anna works with acrylics and mixed media on canvas , also her favorite mediums are ink and watercolors on paper.
Paintings and drawings by Anna Tsvell are in private collections of musicians , film directors , photographers, art collectors and art lovers all over the world.

Anna’s art was exhibited in different art galleries in US ( Los Angeles basically where Anna lived and worked for about 6 months ) and Europe .
In addition to her active and productive artistic life Anna is working on the development of her personal author's methodology of creating a unique style from scratch. Also she is a friend of Winsor & Newton brand, the author of expert articles and master classes about art supplies using.

Digital art by Anna Tsvell is also worth noting. Her digital artworks are sharp and visual attractive, they are extremely unusual, eye catching, increasing audience reach and impressions. It is a complete direction of Anna's art and also a unique visual content - that's why Anna is demanded by magazines, influencers and celebrities from all over the world .

Artist's statement :

​Anna Tsvell is focusing on exploring the theme of human body through its transformation into new anatomical forms . In the course of her researches Anna identifies the subject of scars - mental and physical - and their role in the formation of a personality. We are getting our first scar at the moment of our birth - the newborn crisis . We are getting scars during our whole life ( physical and mental, scars of pain and scars of pleasure ) , they are the human’s background , they can tell a story without any word.

Anna’s aim is to show the body which literally consists of visible and invisible scars - they are so essential that they define each of us right here right now . Scars are beautiful, there is no need to hide them because they make us the way who we are - that's why Anna is interweaving chaotically combined scarred parts of the body with hedonistic mood .

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