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~I finally have the courage of exposing my art.~
Hi!I am a student in Denmark and I come from Romania.I graduated an art high school,and my specialisation is Technical Drawer for Design and Architecture.
I am very passionate about art,and I love to draw digitally,also traditionally on paper.I usually design characters or environments that I imagine spontaneously. :)My work covers:line art,architecture drawing,graphics(digital art),design,textiles painting,wall painting,accesories painting.
I am in good command of many drawing programs,as well as 3D programs,but I am really into Photoshop :D
I am a happy person,with a chaotic style of life,I always try to be original and think outside the box.I love group projects and developing new ideas and styles for this area of study.
I like creating Science Fiction worlds,characters,perspectives,in order to change my point of view of reality.
I`m also into gaming from the time I was a kid,and this helps me a lot to get inspired by concepts and create nice stuff.(Witcher 3 is the best)
Thanks for appreciating my art,as it means a big deal to me ♥

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