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I was born in 27 of June in 1990. When i'm not having delirious moments with my racing thoughts, i like to conceptualize, illustrate, animate and doing 3D modeling or just doing ballet in my moms dress. I started sketching and painting with oil at a young age and later i discovered the wonders of digital design, and i started to mix the love that i had for art, aesthetically, with the fact that i can create something useful that it isn't just about it's beauty. I started by doing mostly banners, then i started to do web design (Dreamweaver), logos and stationary design. Later i wanted to try something new, and to compete in this growing market i felt the urge to learn more about other areas in order to stay in this crazy race, so i started to learn illustration. I decided that it was time that i took things more professionaly and went to have an higher education, in the field of 2D/3D Animation in ETIC. That's where all the fun started, mixing and combining everything that i learned into a final desirable product. I won 2nd prize in ETIC Ilustra cidades with the "world within a city" illustration. Soon i had another illustration i made in a 13 meter wall in an important street in Lisbon. I went to make a curricular internship in graphic design at eTailors, a marketing company located in Lisbon. At the end of my studies, i won a scholarship to go abroad, and do an internship in one of the best animation studios in Prague. (Eallin Motion) When i came back, i started to work as a freelancer with clients from the United States, doing mostly app's and game design

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