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Welcome! I am an artist and illustrator from Placentia California; and currently based in Corona, California.

After earning an MFA in Illustration, I rediscovered a love for the textural quality and physical expression of paint. What seemed like overnight, it became a personal mission to incorporate that love into digital paint; and blur the lines between traditional fine art and digital.

The textural quality of paint is challenging to capture digitally; and has been a journey of self teaching, developing my own brushes, and technique(s). The organic nature of thick paint, its imperfections, I love greatly. Though digital, all my artwork is created from scratch on a blank canvas, and is developed mark by mark. The infinite ability of digital painting allows me to layer, scrape, and build without the concern of the paint drying too soon. There's a freedom to it. As a result, every mark becomes an expression of myself and emotion, in that moment.

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