Profile for Able Hollis

I am currently a fine artist, Happily Living and working in the wonderful City Of Bristol. U.K

I have sold work all over the world including: USA, Europe, and Australia.

My method allows a process of using my own scanned images of earlier prepared paintings,
Found, and Digital Photographs. This process can take a long time, as I spend much of the preparatory sessions, planning (the) exact positioning of objects, in relation to colour and weight.

This can lead to prolonged bouts of going a bit bonkers (sound familiar?)..
Patiently moving an object a few Millimeter's here .. then a few Millimeter's there,
as I descend into a Black"Art" Hole, then Five hours later moving it back! or just abandoning it... muttering "Why do i do this, every time..?"
..Oh Well.

I have a lot of Ideas that never, ever, make the grade. My "Art ideas" Folder is, err, FULL. (For now).

A lot of the image structures that I use are a result from my walks in Bristol, Dartford, Thamesmead, Avonmouth,Essex, etc.
A certain Patina on concrete may take my eye, or I will obsess over an angle I find on a building, or light bouncing off a smokey mirrored, glass fronted, Monolith. (I kid you not).

Once I am hooked on an aspect of an image I can then find a new idea I can use as a single image or be used in repeat. These (repeat) Motifs appear a lot, mirroring certainty, and a familiar Visual language, "smudged in" our day to day lives.

Colours, textures and the anchor point usually come from old canvas works , drawings and sketches.
Or I will be painting on paper, card and walls. I love Process, and it is very important that I have this analogue element of card, paper and paint to breathe some ghosts into the digital medium.
A good example is my Album Cover for Nick Edwards Album "Plekzationz".

" These works question the ideas relating to perceived memory and how, now that we all live and work surrounded by technology, we act as a viewers and memory builders. Does technology alter our traditionally ‘romantic’ view of time and history? Are our memories now paused like a stuck video frame rather than a vague image?" Sky Blue Grey - 2011.

With over 20 years Photoshop experience, I am still learning.

Some pieces take up to 3 weeks to to do ( Like My Earlier Thamesmead works).
Of course some happen more quickly, but I spend AT LEAST 12 - 13 hours on a piece, though the average is 30 hours.



Please check out my blog for more info and more news.

"The Complete Guide To Digital Painting" Image. Book -"IP" (Image Publishing)
"Corel Painter Magazine" - Magazine Interview plus images : "IP" (Image Publishing)
"CRACK" Magazine four page interview with images: (Bristol Arts and Music Magazine)
"Plateform". Images: Online French Monthly Arts Magazine
"Bear Pit" one Centerfold image: Magazine. Bristol.
"Paper" Vol2. Magazine: Image - The Future (Paper Publications)
"Paper" Vol3. Magazine: image - The Natural
Analogue Memories in the Digital Age: An Exploration of Thamesmead - Unofficial Britain.

2011. "Being Colour" (With Jonathan Jefferies) CenterSpace Gallery, Bristol.
2011. Urban Portrayal , (Group) The Incident Room , The Island, Bristol.
2012. ArtSpace LifeSpace, (Solo) The Old Baths Bristol.
2012. "Sky Blue Grey" (With Lisa Donovan) The Parlour Showrooms, Clifton, Bristol.
2012. "It's all to much" (Group) Gallery End of year group show.
2014. Hollis Art. (Solo) YHA Bristol.
2014. The World Domination Art Collective Schloss Blumenthal In Bavaria. Germany. Group Show.

Thanks For looking , and please look at my links for more information of my art and other news.